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Two Burner Chinese Wok Range With Stock Pot


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Two Burner Chinese Wok Range With Stock Pot

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
Burner Configuration
Two Wok Burners + 1 Stock Pot Burner
Key Benefit
Ideal for stir-frying and simmering simultaneously
Size / Dimension
1200 x 750 x 850

Introducing the Two Burner Chinese Wok Range with Stock Pot, a versatile powerhouse for whipping up delicious Asian cuisine in restaurants!

This commercial-grade range features two high-powered burners specifically designed for wok cooking. The intense heat distribution of these burners is ideal for stir-frying, ensuring even cooking and perfectly textured ingredients. Additionally, the unit comes equipped with a convenient stock pot burner, allowing you to simmer broths or soups simultaneously.

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