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Dim Sum Steamer


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Dim Sum Steamer

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
Steaming Dim Sum (dumplings, buns, etc.)
Key Benefit
Superior Steaming Performance
Easy Cleaning
Swivel faucet, drainage valve, removable water drainage

Elevate your Dim Sum preparation with the innovative Nice Equipment Steamer!

This professional-grade steamer is specifically designed for creating perfectly steamed dumplings, buns, and other delectable Dim Sum dishes. Constructed from high-quality, matte-finish stainless steel, it prioritizes both durability and hygiene in your kitchen.

Here’s what sets the Nice Equipment Environmental Steamer apart:

  • Patented Heat Exchanger: The integrated Insulated Flue Tube Heat Exchanger boasts superior thermal efficiency, minimizing heat loss and maximizing energy savings.
  • Unique Burner Design: The special fire jet burners further enhance efficiency and eliminate the need for a noisy blower, creating a quieter working environment.
  • Safety Features: Flame failure devices, overheat protection, and water level detection ensure safe operation in your kitchen.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Features like a swivel faucet for cleaning, a drainage valve to prevent limescale buildup, and a removable water drainage system promote easy hygiene maintenance.
  • Water Level Observation Window: Monitor water levels conveniently for optimal steaming results.
  • Variable Power Settings: Choose from 3 power settings to optimize energy use based on your steaming needs.
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