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Vegetable Rack Holding Trolley


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Vegetable Rack Holding Trolley

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
Key Benefits
Mobile storage for organized vegetable management
Additional benefits
Four wheels for easy movement

Move and store your vegetables with ease using the Nice Equipment Vegetable Rack Holding Trolley!

This convenient and mobile solution features a vegetable rack for organized storage and four wheels for effortless maneuvering. Constructed from corrosion-resistant plastic, it’s a lightweight and practical choice for kitchens, restaurants, or food prep areas.

  • Here’s what makes the Nice Equipment Vegetable Rack Holding Trolley a handy addition:

    • Mobile and Organized: The four-wheel design allows for smooth movement, while the vegetable rack keeps produce separated and ventilated, promoting proper airflow and freshness.
    • Lightweight Plastic Construction: Provides easy handling and maneuverability, ideal for various kitchen settings.
    • Corrosion Resistant: Withstands moisture and humidity, making it suitable for food storage areas.
    • Made in India: Supports local manufacturing.
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