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Double Deep Fryer On Stand


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Double Deep Fryer On Stand

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
Control Panel Material
SS 16 Gauge
Key Benefits
Double frying tanks for increased cooking capacity
Safety Features
Raised top to prevent spills, individual tilting elements, oil drain valves

Boost your frying efficiency with the Nice Double Deep Fryer on Stand!

This high-performance fryer is a valuable asset for hotels, restaurants, and other commercial kitchens requiring high-volume production of fried foods. Constructed entirely from heavy-duty stainless steel for longevity and easy cleaning, it features two separate frying tanks for maximized output.

Here’s what makes the Nice Double Deep Fryer on Stand a standout choice:

  • Double Fry Tanks: Process two different foods simultaneously or cook large batches of a single item, increasing your kitchen’s overall frying capacity.
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures the fryer can withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment.
  • Extra Smooth Interior Finish: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance after frying operations.
  • Safety Features:
    • Top raised on all sides to prevent oil spillage.
    • Individual tilting elements for safe oil removal.
    • Oil drain valve on each tank for easy oil changes.
  • Control Panel: Made from durable SS 16 gauge material (likely indicates sturdiness).
    • Model options include a manual thermostat or a digital temperature controller for precise temperature control.
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