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Double Deep Fryer - Table Model


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Double Deep Fryer - Table Model

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
6+6 Liters (Double Tank)
2.5 kW + 2.5 kW
Key Benefit
Double frying tanks for increased capacity in a compact countertop design

Maximize your countertop frying capacity with the NICE EQUIPMENT Double Deep Fryer – Table Model!

This user-friendly appliance is a perfect solution for restaurants seeking a powerful and compact deep-frying solution. Constructed from durable materials for longevity and easy cleaning, it features two separate 6-liter tanks for efficient preparation of large or multiple food batches.

Here’s what makes the NICE EQUIPMENT Double Deep Fryer – Table Model a compelling choice:

  • Double Frying Tanks (6+6 Liters): Fry two different foods simultaneously or cook larger quantities of a single item, optimizing your kitchen’s output.
  • Compact Tabletop Design: The fryer’s size makes it ideal for countertop use, saving valuable floor space in your kitchen.
  • Powerful Heating (2.5+2.5 kW): Ensures quick and efficient heating for faster cooking times.
  • Electric Operation (220V, 50 Hz): Provides a reliable heating source (verify electricity rates for potential energy efficiency).
  • Durable Construction: Can withstand the demands of a busy restaurant environment
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