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Drain Trough Grating


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Drain Trough Grating

Nice Equipment
Stainless Steel
Load Capacity
Medium Duty
Sheet Size
1220mm x 3660mm
Key Benefits
Efficient drainage for a safer and cleaner kitchen environment

Maintain a safe and sanitary environment in your commercial kitchen with the Nice Equipment Drain Trough Grating!

This essential component is designed to channel wastewater away from prep areas and walkways, preventing slips and ensuring proper drainage. Constructed from strong and corrosion-resistant stainless steel (SS), it can withstand the demands of busy kitchens.

Here’s what makes the Nice Equipment Drain Trough Grating a valuable addition to your kitchen:

  • Efficient Drainage: Effectively channels wastewater away from work areas, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.
  • Medium Duty Load Capacity: Suitable for most standard kitchen traffic and weight loads.
  • Durable SS Construction: Resists corrosion and wear for long-lasting performance.
  • Large Sheet Size (1220mm x 3660mm): Offers ample coverage for various drain trough configurations (verify exact needs with Nice Equipment).
  • 5mm Grating Thickness: Provides a sturdy platform for foot traffic.
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